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Hinsdale Real Estate

Hinsdale is one of the Wealthiest Villages in the DuPage County Real Estate Market

Do you have a job in Chicago? Are you fed up with all the noise and pollution that is common in metropolitan cities? How about moving to a suburb of Chicago from where you can reach your workplace in just half an hour through a train ride? Yes, Hinsdale is a quiet and peaceful village just 20 miles west of Chicago that presents wonderful opportunity to live and raise your family. Hinsdale is red hot among DuPage County real estate market with very high prices and a great demand from buyers.

Hinsdale may be a suburb, but it beats many big cities when it comes to luxurious homes and household incomes. It is ranked very high among best places to live and raise your family in Illinois. It is a small town with an area of 12 sq km and boasts a population of 16816. These may be ordinary figures but wait till you hear the median household income in Hinsdale. It stands at $173,558, much more than rest of Illinois and even national average. Median home prices in Hinsdale are $859,400. However, there is no need to be scared hearing this high value. With help from an experienced Hinsdale real estate agent, you can still buy a beautiful home for your family inside your budget.

Greatest asset of Hinsdale is of course its location so close to Chicago. Another allure for families lies in the fact that this charming and quaint town has some of the lowest crime rates in the whole of Illinois. You can feel relaxed and have peace of mind in the knowledge that your family is safe and secure in your home in Hinsdale while you are at your workplace.

Hinsdale also has excellent educational facilities with some very good public schools. There are some very beautiful parks in the town for the recreation of whole family. You can also use your investment in buying a home in Hinsdale to earn attractive rental income. This is because median rents in Hinsdale are an astronomical $1785 per month. If you can afford high prices of properties, Hinsdale may be an excellent option for you to make your home.

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You need to show patience when buying a home in Hinsdale as inventory is low and demand from buyers is very high. Explain your requirement to top real estate agents in Hinsdale and I may be able to strike a bargain deal for you.